What I’ve learned so far

I started this project wondering why the world is such a polluted place. Everyday I see people litter. Thinking to myself, maybe they don’t know what kind of harm they’re doing. People throw their trash out the car windows or on the ground when they’re walking because they’re to lazy or selfish to think about what could happen. They don’t really think what could happen to our environment if we do it little by little. The little things can become such a big thing.

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What can we do?

Is there some sort of program that can help reduce pollution in the world? I feel like we can start a group here in the US. We all can get people to contribute and let others know what can happen if we keep polluting. Group by group and it will spread eventually. Not everyone will be into it but it would be best if we got as much as we can. Stop polluting today for a longer life!

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Pollution all over the world

Not only is the United States being polluted but so are other countries. Countries in Asia and Africa especially. They are known to be some of the dirtiest countries out there. This is just stuff I know and that I didn’t have to look up. I know that in Vietnam people throw their trash just anywhere. People are so carefree to look for a trashcan so they just throw it where they want. The officers aren’t as strict as the officers here are.

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Plastic in the ocean

Each and everyday plastic bottles and other plastic items are being thrown into the ocean. Why doesn’t society recycle? You’re harming the ecosystem.¬†Pollution in the water affects the polar bears and other animals that live in the ocean. The ocean is their only home. How would you like it if your house became the next dump?


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What’s the most harmful form of pollution?

The most harmful form of pollution is air pollution. The different smoke that comes from factories, motor vehicles, and trains is not healthy for the environment. Different types of toxic that is burnt can cause us to get lung cancer. Second hand smoke from cigarettes can cause lung cancer. Lung cancer can lead to deaths, why not the smokers stop smoking? Smokers can make a difference for themselves and others. Saving one life after another.

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Factories cause air pollution

Factories cause air pollution

As you can see in this picture, there’s smoke coming out from the factories. The smoke coming out of the factors cause people and animals to have a difficult time breathing. Air pollution can affect the health of human beings. There is no fresh air when smoke mixes in with it. To help prevent this from happening, factories need to find a new way to store the smoke that comes from the factories. Many people are not cautious of how dangerous this can be and what it may cause.

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Capstone project so far

So far on my capstone project, my point of view is still the same. I started this project by thinking that pollution was a horrible thing happening in the world and well, I still do. Each and every day someone or something is harming the environment. I believe I write about this at least once a week. I don’t really know what to say besides that we the people in the present are held responsible for what happens in the future. Put a stop to pollution now.¬†

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