Poem #1 – Look Outside

© Josie Greveling

Look Outside, see the trees
Watch the flowers in the breeze
Things won’t be like this in a year or two
If polluting is all we do
Seize the night
Seize the day
Things won’t always be this way
Thousands of people are dying
In the night you hear children crying
Let’s stop the war
Our people are sore
The world can’t help itself
Who cares about your wealth
Help me to help you
Show the world what you can do.

An 11 year old wrote this poem. If an 11 year old knows that the world is changing and that it’s not safe then it is definitely not safe. Don’t we want the world to be a safe place for the young and the old? If polluting is all we do then in a few years things will not be the same. Our lives will be shortened and we won’t be living such a healthy life.


Family Friends Poems. N.p., Dec. 2008. Web. 1 May 2013. <http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/if-polluting-is-all-we-do&gt;.

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